Interact and add emotions

We keep on listening to your suggestions to develop new functionalities.

Today we present two new functionalities of the description editor for objectives, indicators and tasks:

1. Mention users

Now you can mention a user within your company and she will receive what you write in her email. To do so you only have to type the @ character and part of a user’s name or email address and a list of matching users will pop-up. Once selected the user id will be shown in the text box. Something like @3:. After submitting the description change the mentioned user will receive an email with what you have just written.mentions

2. Emoticons

Add some emotion to your descriptions. In the same way as before, if you enter the : character followed by some text in the description text box, a list of matching emojis will pop-up. You can use any of them to enhance your content.emoji

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The attack of the clones (and other improvements)

 You guide Hoshinplan development roadmap. We want to thank you for all the nice ideas you provide¹. Today we are announcing five improvements to our app that we hope will help in our shared mission of making your companies’ strategies work.

1. Clone Hoshins

An improvement that various users requested was to be able to clone an entire Hoshin. Now you can do it from the Hoshin edit page.

2. Visualizing relationships among Hoshins

You also requested to be able to visualize the hierarchy of Hoshins in the company show page. We have implemented that for you.

3. What happened that day that made this indicators tendency change?

We have implemented a suggestion you made to allow you to include events in the indicator charts to be able to explain the causes of some changes.

4. More personalized Hoshins

Some of you also wanted to give their Hoshins a more personal touch at the company profile page to make it represent the tribe it belonged to. This is also possible from now on.

5. Your Hoshin, maximized

Starting today the presentation mode starts in fullscreen mode to avoid distractions and allow you to concentrate in tracking the strategy and make the best decisions.

Some of you have contacted us because it was not clear how you could navigate through sections in this mode. You were so right. We have included a help tip explaining that you can navigate through sections with the arrow keys  /   and use the  esc  key to exit presentation mode.

presentation mode

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 ¹Every change we have made comes from the feedback we gather through the smiley icon in the bottom right corner of the page.