Doctoralia and HoshinPlan

Albert Armengol, Doctoralia

At Hoshinplan, we like to know how our customers are doing with our tool. For this reason, today we released this blog section where we will put together some of their opinions.

To start, we want to talk to you about Doctoralia, the world-leading platform that connects health professionals with patients.

On its website it reads that “Doctoralia offers services that bring health to users, providing them with a space where they can ask questions, post reviews and find the best health professionals to suits their needs“. We can attest this to be true, and proof of this is its enormous success.

A few days ago, we asked Albert Armengol, CEO of Doctoralia, to speak to us about his experience with Hoshinplan, and this article you are reading right now is the result.

Thank you for your time, Albert!

Chatting with Albert Armengol

How long have you been using Hoshinplan?

We started to use Hoshinplan to implement Hoshin planning at Doctoralia about a year ago, more or less.

What challenge/problem did you want to address with Hoshinplan?

We started Doctoralia with a group of super motivated people, and for years things had been going fairly well, so the company began to grow.

About a year ago we became a team of more than 40 people, and with the company reaching that size, I began to feel that if we didn’t change something we would lose that strength with which we started.

Aligning the efforts between Departments became increasingly difficult, and people weren’t really chasing the company’s goals with the same energy as when we were just 10 people.

Things were good, but we thought it was time to step it up a notch and to be ahead of the curve.

What is the best functionality the program offers you?

For me, the fact that all team members always have information at their fingertips is key. There are two questions that I would like anyone on my team to be able to answer if you stopped them in the hallway:

• What are the goals of the company?
• What you are doing right now to help in achieving them?

Hoshinplan makes that happen. It also allows the management team to have a global vision of the evolution of the company in just one website.

Would you recommend Hoshinplan to other companies?

Of course, in fact I recommend it all the time! 😀 It is a fantastic tool to align the team, to give autonomy to people and still keep us going in the same direction.

What would you say about Hoshinplan?

That at Doctoralia there is a before and after following the implementation of Hoshin Kanri, and that Hoshinplan is the best tool to work with this methodology.


Albert, thank you very much for your kindness and congratulations on the success of Doctoralia 🙂

We are very proud to have customers as Doctoralia, and to be able contribute our grain of sand in helping them build a better business.

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